Filter Supplies Pte Limited is the largest and independent filter specialist in Fiji. We supply and stock the biggest range of air, fuel, oil, hydraulic, compressed air, water filters and house the world leading premium base lubricants. With our years of combined filter & Lubricants sales, our team at Filter Supplies is proud to be considered experts in all your filter and lubrication needs... You can trust us to take care of your filtration and lubrication needs as we supply you with the best and world renowned brands.


Corporate Profile

Filter Supplies (Fiji) Limited

Lot 1, Wailada rd, Wailada Industrial Subdivision, Lami, fiji

Ph: (679)  338-2466 / 3361018  mob: (679) 9999939 / 9999972

Fax: (679) 337-3966

Lot 30 Vunaivi St, Westfield Subdivision, Nadi

Ph: (679) 672-5166  Mob: (679) 999-9974

Fax: (679) 672-6166




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